3) What is Lanolin?

New parents may recognise lanolin as a cream that is sold to nursing mothers to help prevent their nipples from becoming dry and cracked. But what is lanolin? And why do I put nipple cream in my beard products? Lanolin is a waxy substance, similar in texture to petroleum jelly, that is secreted by the […]

2) Why Don’t You Make Your Products Vegan?

Our grasslands evolved alongside grazing ruminants, to form a symbiotic relationship that maintains an ecosystem rich in biodiversity, while building soil, sequestering atmospheric CO2, and increasing the landscape’s ability to withstand periods of drought. This was accomplished through the cycles of intensive grazing, followed by long periods of rest, that resulted from the herds annual […]

1) Are Your Products Vegan?

No. All my beard products include pure lanolin, a waxy substance extracted from sheep’s wool, and used in a variety of hair and skincare products. No animals are harmed in the production of lanolin. In addition, beeswax is used in some of my products.