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Morning Ruminations: Paradigm Shifts

Morning Ruminations is a place where I briefly discuss some of the things I think about as I go about my morning routine. These are thoughts, observations, and unrefined ideas, and do not necessarily represent my official stance on a subject.

The human mind isn’t well equipped to deal with major paradigm shifts. Imagine if the new generation suddenly decided that blue is really green. In your mind, it will always be blue. That’s why racism, homophobia, and even outdated medical & dietary advice are so hard to fight.

For many, it takes a major life crisis to force them to question what they’ve always believed (poor health, a gay son, a daughter who marries a black man, etc). For many others, even that isn’t enough because admitting that they were so wrong about something so important to them would cause their entire world, their entire identity to collapse. If they were wrong about that, then what else have they been wrong about? It’s just too emotionally devastating for them.

Questioning your beliefs, and having an open mind MUST be a conscious choice. It’s the most rewarding thing you can ever do, but it’s also one of the scariest things you can ever do.